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ALERT NET Situation Report

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

LONDON (AlertNet) - Aid agencies have come out in force in recent days, launching appeals for funds to help them deal with the impact of the ongoing relief effort in the multiple regions of Cascadia. Many people seeing the adverts in newspapers and on TV will be wondering how the communities will recover. And some might even ask themselves, just how bad is the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake? HQ is asking all field personnel be readily available to be media representatives. Initial reports are this event has a global priority level.


The United Nations says that Cascadia is experiencing one of the worst developing humanitarian relief situations in the world today, with over 250,000 people severely affected in disaster-stricken areas with over 3,000 reported deaths. The imperiled number of people in need is expected to rise as the effects of the disasters erode IDP's and refugee’s ability to migrate to safe areas. The United Nations says there is no likelihood of improvement unless the humanitarian community steps up efforts. A flash appeal for 30 million dollars has been sent out to the community.


Media outlets, including the BBC, have described the situation in Cascadia as the worst crisis in the region in 50 years. Cascadia has recently experienced a magnitude 8.0 earthquake that resulted in a record-breaking tsunami. This country is not equipped to recover such a disaster. With this disaster there have been increased reports of disease. Much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed causing a lack of power. With damaged sanitation system, the need for clean water is great. Many families are seeking shelter and needing food.


The large-scale devastation has created heightened attention from HQ. Due to flooding from the tsunami and lack of access due to damaged roadways, the people are struggling to get the aid they need to begin to recover. While aid has begun to trickle in, ShelterBox is seeking to complete a thorough assessment to determine the most vulnerable families who have been impacted by this disaster. Because of the challenges faced in-country, we are seeking a skilled team to deploy.

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