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Cascadia Volunteer Info

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

THANK YOU for being a volunteer and spending your weekend to help ShelterBox! The training that you are helping to facilitate will ultimately help disaster survivors around the world. We couldn’t do it without you. A Detailed schedule is below: keep scrolling down.

The purpose of this weekend is to educate the participants about ShelterBox while at the same time giving them a simulated deployment experience. Everyone, including volunteers, is invited to observe and listen in on all sessions. And have fun! The training program is about education and fellowship - enjoy the experience!

Role Playing aka Rules of Engagement

  • The rules of role playing are very flexible - Make it happen and have fun!

  • It is Cascadia, a land of very little logic or organization.

  • Not being able to speak English is good. It’s A-OK in Cascadia.

  • Don’t go over the top but please get into your role.

  • The actors are in charge of their stations - there is no right or wrong.

  • Press Corp members - have your questions ready and a microphone in their face.

  • Cameramen - have those cameras rolling.

  • Learn to love the national anthem of Cascadia - respect t as it is your country.

  • SRT’s job is to get the job done and that is often done by dealing with a lot of bureaucracy.

  • Bureaucracy is very real in third world countries, to the extent that it cannot be overdone.

  • Please refrain from open displays of adult beverages and don’t overindulge.

  • The timeline is subject to change but please stick to it firmly.

  • You may play several different roles in quick succession. Be ready!

Interaction with Participants

  • Try to help the participants succeed ultimately.

  • SRTs will be following teams around during the scenarios. They are there to observe and clarify. Use them if you have any doubts.

  • Stay in character, be your role, there may be awards for best character

  • Have fun but keep it real.

  • While in role playing mode, anything a Cascadian citizen finds relevant is of interest (politics (not US), religion, rebels, sports, corrupt government officials, etc.)

  • You can touch participants in friendship but never in adversarial way. Use verbal Judo to move them around. Sometimes it gets a little heated.

  • Engage the participants in conversation and ask them why they are here in Cascadia.

Role Player Schedule

*Participants don’t have this in their handbooks*


Sunrise @ 0627

Sunset @ 1926


1300 @ Winery – Brief actors for Friday on overall play and rules

1400 - 1500 Assemble at Sno Road Winery

1500 – 1545 Participant Briefs

· Group intro teams – Assign to SRT’s

· Ice Breaker - Rules of the weekend

· Depart for Cascadia

1600 Convoy Arrival

1600 – 1615 Crossing into Cascadia

1630 – 1655 Immigration

1655 – 1730 Customs

1730 – 1830 Tent setup *need daylight

1830 – 1855 Team building exercise

1855 – 1915 Cluster meeting

1915 – 2030 Dinner

2030 - 2130 Brief for Deployment

2145 – 2200 Manage Down Time/ Lights out


0700 – 0800 Breakfast

0800 – 0830 Transportation + Money Exchange, Greeting and Overview of the day

0830 – 0845 OPS Call-in

0845 – 1000 ShelterBox Presentations (or individual presentations)

1000 – 1015 Break

1015 – 1130 Presentation (Anatomy of a deployment and respecting the donor dollar)

1015- 1200 Brief all Saturday actors

1130 – 1230 Working Lunch – ShelterBox Kit items and usage

1230 – 1730 Simulated Deployment

1730 – 1800 Individual Team debrief & Request for Aid

1800 – 1830 Group Teams Request for Aid Call HQ/OPS

1830 – 1900 Aid items are finite. Teams to decide together how to distribute to all three groups

1900 – UTC Rotary club of Cascadia Dinner and group celebration


0700 – 0800 Breakfast

0800 – 1000 Tear down and clean-up

1000 – 1130 Final Team oral presentations and awards ceremony, feedback, course wash-up

1130 – Personal planning and departure

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