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ShelterBox Ambassador Field Experience (SAFE)

Our Story

The ShelterBox Ambassador Field Experience (SAFE) is a unique and immersive training program designed to simulate the experiences of ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members and empower volunteers in providing emergency shelter. This article presents an overview of the SAFE program, highlighting the urgent humanitarian situation in the fictional country of Cascadia and emphasizing the need for immediate action and individual contributions to relief efforts.


The Humanitarian Crisis in Cascadia:

The fictional country of Cascadia has been struck by a devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, resulting in widespread destruction of infrastructure, loss of life, and a dire humanitarian crisis. Reports indicate that over 250,000 people are severely affected, with more than 3,000 reported deaths. The situation is described as one of the worst developing humanitarian relief crises globally. Urgent action is required to address the increasing needs of the affected population.


ShelterBox Ambassador Field Experience (SAFE):

The SAFE program offers an interactive and immersive learning experience for ShelterBox volunteers. Participants engage in simulated training exercises, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the organization's mission, operations, and the challenges faced by SRT members in disaster-affected regions. The program also focuses on enhancing volunteers' presentation and communication skills, enabling them to effectively represent ShelterBox and engage with diverse audiences.


Benefits of Attending SAFE:

By participating in the fictional SAFE program, volunteers can enhance their fundraising abilities and effectively convey ShelterBox's impact within their communities. The program provides various learning opportunities, including refining the ShelterBox elevator pitch and gaining practical knowledge in setting up emergency shelters. Participants have the opportunity to interact with Response Team members, learn from their deployment experiences, and build connections with fellow ShelterBox Ambassadors nationwide.


Solutions to Global Problems

The ShelterBox Ambassador Field Experience (SAFE) program offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to develop their skills, gain firsthand knowledge of humanitarian operations, and contribute to relief efforts in the fictional region of Cascadia. By attending SAFE, volunteers play a vital role in raising awareness, mobilizing support, and amplifying the impact of ShelterBox's mission. Join the SAFE program and be part of the solution to the urgent humanitarian emerging around the world.


To participate in the fictional ShelterBox Ambassador Field Experience (SAFE) in Cascadia, please visit the official registration site at: Cascadia - ShelterBox USA

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