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Customs House

Cascadia’s leaders regard revenues derived from exploiting natural resources as an immoral act that violates the sanctity of the Bioregionalism philosophy that forms the foundation of their national character.

Important as the energy sector is to Cascadia’s economic well-being, much of the country’s economic efforts are focused on self-reliance and its government frequently experiments with pursuing a conscious policy of subsidizing key industries. The country’s once abundant agricultural exports have steadily dwindled and Cascadia’s reputation as the breadbasket of the Pacific Northwest is in doubt.

The Cascadian economy suffers from over-centralization and is inflicted by a cumbersome national bureaucracy. The country recently implemented aggressive measures aimed at eventually enabling long-term sustainable growth. These include; structural reforms to improve the currency exchange rate, laws that eliminate private land ownership, increased regulation of business interests, and a comprehensive program to repress corruption and illegal economic activity. Despite all of this, high inflation, a sluggish global economy, and continuing strained relations with The United States are still taking their toll.

Customs House Script

The Participants must fill out a number of forms in order to get ShelterBox kits shipped into the country. They

will encounter a Customs House employee who is uncooperative to the point where she refuses to even speak English to the Americans. She shows no interest in assisting the Participants fill out their paperwork.

The Custom House employee will speak English to the local UN Representative (Silverback). He is annoying and obnoxious, but if the Participants ask him for help, he will persuade the Customs House employee to assist the ShelterBox Team.

There will be a significant amount of activity at the Customs House. With a wide variety of inventory and freight being loaded and unloaded at the site. An "angel" may assist the ShelterBox team (if they do not figure out the scenario) and recommend that the Participants ask Silverback for assistance (because he is the "Big Man").

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