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Alkali Canyon Cultural Groups

Utilla Self-Evacuees have been squatting on edges of the high desert, hunting and scavenging for food have had their homes destroyed. The land is privately held. The owner has decided not to allow the families to rebuild on his property. So, the families must resettle elsewhere.

Koontz Forest Region are very distrustful of Americans. Why doesn't the Cascadian government come to help them? They are extremely independent. They have trees, they have stones, all they really need is tools and they can start the rebuilding process.

Cuhna River Region local river dam was severely damaged and redirected some sections of the river. Human and animal waste is now flowing into the river in some spots. Cholera is spreading and mosquitoes are creating risk of malaria outbreaks.

Alkali Canyon Taxis a disenfranchised and cynical bunch of locals who seek any opportunity to make a buck.

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