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The Cuhna (River Region) Script

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Bad Water, Mosquitos, Sickness

*Note the highlighted information for your scenario area. This is the critical info that each Response Team should get. We do not want to give the game away, so don’t offer this information without being asked for it.

The river region has a village of about 1000 people among 200 families that operated a ferry across the Umatilla River. The ferry has been destroyed when the earthquake damaged an upstream dam. The clinic is damaged and not safe to use.

The earthquake has severely damaged local river dams and redirected some sections of the river. Human and animal waste is now flowing into the river in some spots. Authorities are concerned that cholera will spread and that mosquitoes (the National Insect) will hatch, creating risk of mala

ria outbreaks.

At least 50 men died attempting to secure their ferry. Most family members remaining were able to get to safety before the flood destroyed nearly all of their possessions. Local wells have been flooded by river water and will not be usable until properly repaired and sanitized.


  • We are sick from bad water and mosquitos; do you have any medicine?

  • What is ShelterBox? Who are you? Why are you here?

  • Who pays for the tents you bring us?

  • How large

of a family can fit in a SB Tent?

  • Who decides what families get help?

  • If they get a shelter Kit for repair, will ShelterBox do the rebuilding?

  • What other resources do you have?

That should get you started, play off these questions. Try to build a realistic conversation based on the first question asked by each Response Team member.

Frustration Points

  • For this scenario, the village leader will be unable to speak and only communicate in sign language.

  • She may ask for a village member to assist her, but translations can be difficult (and funny!)

Help them Succeed in the end!

The Real History of the Cunha Farmstead

The Cunha Farmstead site consists of thirteen contributing buildings. A fourteenth, the original Umatilla County Jail building, can now be found in Fort Henrietta Park. The Queen Anne style home dates from 1902.

The owner, Joseph Cunha, was a Portuguese immigrant from the Azores, who came to America as a stowaway on a Boston-bound ship.

Frequently pioneers would stay in Lower Crossing Camp, Settlers began

moving into the area about 1860, and in 1861 a ferry was established across the Umatilla River at the emigrant crossing. The ferry was operated until the county later built a bridge.

Through hard work and intelligence, he built up a ranch and business operation that was one of the largest in the county. He was instrumental in construction of St. Peter's Church and the Echo Bank Building.

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