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Safety Info

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

GENERAL EMERGENCY ALARM Alarm is signaled by ringing of the bell continuously. Muster point is the pavilion area.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS Ambulance: Fire Department: Ned Morris: 509-730-9188 Staff 1: Staff/SRT 2: FirstAid/EMT Cert: Snakes: Leave them alone. If a rattlesnake is spotted, keep a safe distance and if possible, observe while someone comes to dispatch it.


First Aid Kits are located:

  • The on the …

  • With the First Aid Supervisor.


Ambulance: call

  • Location is Sno Road Winery, (directions)

  • Begin arranging private transport if the victim is able to move without causing additional injury.

Insect bites (Wasp, scorpions, bee): In the event of an insect bite to a victim with a history of anaphylactic shock, the victim should be transported towards the town of Mason immediately. If no history of anaphylactic shock, victim should be monitored by designee for minimum of one hour.


Thunderstorms and Lightning:

Organizers will monitor weather alert radio. If determined that a risk is present, the ranch house will open until the danger has passed. Regarding lightning, the 3-30 rule will be used: Lightning resulting in thunder heard within 3 seconds (10 miles) of the sighting will call for a 30-minute delay in activities or the activities will be moved indoors.

Tornado: In the unlikely event of a tornado warning, a gully located approximate 100 yards in front of the house will be the designated safety area.

Fire: Fire is a major danger, not so much to people but to the livestock, ranch land and dwellings. A fire will consume thousands of acres under the right conditions.

  • Extinguish all cigarettes in water. Never throw them on the ground.

  • Never leave a car running in tallgrass.

Fire extinguishers are located:

Fire Dept

If there is a house fire, evacuate structure and proceed to…

If there is a field fire, exit property, …

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