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The Cascadian Perspective of Time?

Updated: May 12, 2022

The citizens of Cascadia, for the most part, do not believe in the sensitivity of time, and do not view punctuality or the importance of time as the United States and most other Western

countries do. Most of the people in the region do not view time as a resource and do not feel

any compulsion to effectively manage their time. Cascadian people do not make the connection between effective use of their time and production. This lack of time consciousness will likely frustrate humanitarian relief workers as they work with local populations.

Traditional Wedding Seasons: The seasons have no major effect on when urban Cascadians

marry. This is generally true of the large farming population as well, though spring planting and fall harvest times are usually avoided.

Harvest Cycles: With mountains separating eastern and western Cascadia, the country contains a variety of climates affecting the harvest cycle. The western part of Cascadia receives the most rainfall, and it falls throughout the year. Cascadian farmers plant their crops in April and harvest them before the end of October. Eastern Cascadia possesses a drier climate, and farmers wait until the spring melt in the mountains to plant their crops.

Western Cascadia will usually plant and harvest crops later than eastern Cascadia. The Alkali Canyon area provides an excellent opportunity to grow grapes to make wine, and the mild winters relative abundance of water in the summer may make it advantageous to grow seasonal crops.

Elections: Cascadia elects its public officials for four years, with a three-term limit. The

Cascadian parliament has 235 members. Eight years ago, Cascadians approved constitutional amendments to reduce the parliament to only 150 members elected through a proportional representation system, to take effect in two years. The last Cascadian presidential and legislative elections were four years ago, with elections to occur again this year.

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