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Cascadian Army Checkpoint

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The Cascadian military leader should conduct a team-building activity with the soldiers to create an intimidating experience. A lot of information is available to enhance “scenario fidelity” but the job is not to be perfectly accurate. The job is just to be menacing, stay in character, and have fun!

Cascadia’s military establishment is grounded in an essentially defensive doctrine designed to deter or neutralize the armed forces of the United States, which is considered to be the most significant threat to Cascadian national sovereignty.

Cascadia’s military strategy focuses the capabilities of its armed services on deterring or repelling any potential United States aggression, which most leaders believe will involve some form hybrid warfare involving proxy forces bent on exploiting local religious and ethnic tensions that have long plagued the Cascadia’s eastern region.

Cascadia’s military leaders are faced with an array of militant threats that include an indigenous ultra-nationalist movement, the America’s Liberation Army (ALA), a resurgent separatist Greater Idahoan Movement (GIM), a leftist anti-capitalism movement, and several criminal organizations.

Cascadian Army Checkpoint Script

The deployment begins when the participants load the bus at Sno Road Winery. Unbeknownst to them, an extra backpack containing “Contraband” will also have been loaded onto the bus.

Crossing into Cascadia. The first thing participants see when they crest the hill into the Alkali Canyon Training Area will be two fully armed HUMMVs at a checkpoint controlled by the Cascadian 973rd Mechanized Infantry.

A military inspection team of one or two personnel will board the bus and scan for anything suspicious. The bus driver is likely to be argumentative.

As the situation escalates, the participants will be ordered out of the bus for inspection. They will be required to show their IDs (Passports).


  • Get off the bus.

  • Show us your papers.

  • What is your name? Where are you from? Who do you work for?

  • What is ShelterBox? Who are you? Why are you here?

  • Who is helping you move into this area? (ALA? GIM?)

  • It is too dangerous for you in this area, who are you meeting? (ALA? GIM?)

  • Who decides what families get help? (Give the ShelterBoxes to us)

  • Who will do the rebuilding? (Are there more of you coming?)

  • What other resources do you have?

When the contraband backpack is discovered, the Cascadian Forces will question the participants. The bus will be impounded by Cascadian Troops. Attendees will be stranded with no choice but to walk across the frontier zone to the Cascadia border.

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